set your users up for success!

We help technology companies eliminate churn, boost product adoption & scale customer success with strategic customer education.

Scale your customer success

Between customer support, researching, writing, and publishing success content between 10 to 20 hours are lost every single week. So, what if you could free up that time to focus on growing your business, while still publishing weekly high-quality content that drives adoption?

Amplify your audience

Great content is nothing without even better distribution. That's why we'll help you amplify & promote yours to get it in front of your best audience! Cast a wider net, but remain spear-focussed.

Increase your lifetime value

Here's our secret sauce! Customer education is the strategic use of educational content to influence user behavior. Easier said than done, we know. That's why we'll guide you through the entire process so you can drive product adoption and eliminate churn for your business!

How does customer education help you grow?

1) Identify knowledge gap

Start by identifying the knowledge and skill gap of your audience. To put it simply: figure out who your best customer is and why they're buying your product. Are you an email marketing tool? Great! Teach people how to do email marketing. Leverage your position as an expert to help your audience achieve their goals.

2) Build Education engine

Whether you know it or not, every SaaS that solves a business problem relies on one or several methodologies. Educational content helps people understand those strategies and tactics to turn followers into customers and boost product adoption and awareness.

3) Amplify your content

Now that you have created a piece of valuable content, it's important to get it in front of your audience to create awareness and generate demand. Define where your potential customers hang out, then blast it in various channels & repurposed content to grow your audience.

Who is customer education for?

Product Marketing Managers

Promoting a highly technical product can be challenging. We'll help you position your product and create messaging that resonates with your audience!

Scaling Customer Success Teams

You can't do everything yourself! That's why we'll help you educate and train customers to improve onboarding and engagement processes to help your users succeed!

Growth Oriented

Drive growth through customer education. By generating awareness and motivating product adoption you will increase lifetime value and profitability of your users.

Customer Education Solutions

Customer Education Audit

Education Engine

Content Amplification

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