What is customer education?

And how does it grow your software business? Customer education is a relatively new term and function in technology companies. This resource page is all you need to get started! Discover why customer education is a critical part of your business growth, and how you should implement your own strategy. Keep an eye on this page, as we will be improving and expanding it for your use!

Customer education in numbers

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Almost one year ago we set out on a journey to solve on of the biggest challenges in software. Around 70% of users churn because they don't understand a product, or find it too difficult to get value from. Find out how we pivoted from a customer education agency to an in-app customer education tool!

In the past three years, I have been a student entrepreneur. Since then, lots of people have asked me what I do and how I combine school with running a business. I'm happy to look back on my journey to tell you my story and share some of my greatest lessons with you.

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Learn from real-life teardowns of customer education. What were their goals, tactics and results?

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