How to get started for free?

Getting started can be hard. Our team of customer education experts will help you set up a strategy that works for you. Together we'll help you set up and improve your education engine, every step of the way!

1) Plug-in & audit

First of all, we plug in our education engine to your software and start collecting the data we need. Based on this data, we’ll identify the AHA moments and the behavior that leads to those moments.

2) Strategy workshop

Now we know which behaviors lead to growth, we’ll create a strategy to drive those behaviors. How can we educate users so they get more value from your software, faster? We’ll help you set up a backlog and prioritize what’s most important to your business goals.

3) Set-up

Our team of developers and content creators will help you set up tracks to recommend throughout the user journey. We'll make sure the experience feels 100% like your product!

4) Launch

Let's start testing! Before we start pushing tons of recommendations we need to determine what is the right frequency, use case and for both your business and your users. That's why we launch with a test group and incrementally scale up whilst improving.

5) Incubation

During the incubation period, it's all about improving your recommendations to provide the best user experience. We'll test everything from copy to design and measure things like the engagement, action ration and business KPI's.

6) Scale

After three months our product is ready for wide-scale implementation. We'll start ramping up recommendations towards the rest of your user base and show you some more advanced features and capabilities within the platform.

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  • Plug-in behavior tracker

  • Intent-based content recommendations

  • Conditional messaging

  • Onboarding & in-app walkthroughs

  • Rich media embed

  • Insights

Services & support

  • Behavioral analysis & mapping

  • In-app education strategy

  • Custom branding set-up

  • Done-for-you content creation

  • 3 AHA moments

  • 25 pop-ups/recommendations

  • 5 intent triggers

  • 3 months incubation